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Started out with pong and such before beeing able to speak properly. Playing everything from the C64, via pen&paper, to the latest in matrix-technology they now are devoted to creating RL wallhax.





A man hath stepped into reality from the realms of digital games.


A planned essaï on the future of computergames.



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An excursion into mmo browsergames:

Tribalwars, Travian, Ikariam, Bitefight and Gladiatus

Travian is famous as one of the best large browsergames around.  In 2006 it won the Superbrowser-game Award in the large games category. Wikipedia quoth: "Travian is an award-winning German massively multiplayer online browser-based game [...] The game's developers drew roughly from classical antiquity and particularly from the Roman Empire to create a predominantly militaristic real time strategy."


And I acctually, find it quite cool - it's just to bad that the game (by a gamers definition - not a lawyers) is fraudulent. My man Mortem - prince of gamers - gave me the lowdown on the game: If you buy gold (which you do with RL moneys) you can fuck anybody unless they have more money than you do. The one willing&able to use the largest amount of money wins: Thats not a game, thats real life.


I strongly advise against the playing of Travian; and while I would love to give it a high rating this utterly bourgeouise feature forces me to give it 00%!! Travian, you suck!!!  Remember kids, greed never pays: When you give to the Universe, the Universe gives back.


While we're at it - another warning: Bitefight is another game that gets awarded with a low score: It is a game in the same category as Gladiatus (both are massive multiplayer slow-motion games). They're even produced by the same company (the german browsergame mastodont Gameforge).


Bitefight does'nt have the qualities of Gladiatus. While suckier graphics and system to some extent are outweigthed by the cooler consept (the eternal war between werewolves and vampires) - Gladiatus with some effort and patience is quite possible to play without paying. Its more fun to play when you pay, granted, but that is as it should be.


Bitefigth on the other hand is quite impossible to play without paying once you pass, say, lvl 33 (I personaly continued to lvl 45 to make sure). Without hellstones (or whatnot - the bitefight equivialent of RL bougth "gold") you can't get the "treasurechest" - and when upgrading weapons cost 100 000 gold and upwards from lvl 33 - upgrading becomes impossible since you will be farmed before you have the required amont of money. Which fucking bites. To set a standard: I will give Bitefigth 25% it's quite playable - not to time consuming and, for those willing to pay for their fun, quite rewarding in that infinite leveling sense of rewarding.


Gladiatus gets 50%, its playable enough - seemingly continously under development. While its more fun (like, quicker!) to play for paying customers; there is quite the satisfaction in fucking the paying drones with skill and intelligence. You buy rubies for moneys; and for rubies you can fight every 5 minutes instead of every 15 - and you get a flying start buying better weapons for rubies the first 20-30 lvls. But after lvl 30 rubies dont really help, and rubydoped players are on an equal field with the patient hardcore gladiators


Ikariam gets a dubious 40%. I love the graphics. Don't like the advantage you can buy - and the game really don't invite to competition, wars or whatnot. You can be farmed, but not enslaved. Going to war never pays, and expansion is next to impossible. It might become a great game with more develpment - but for now... its really just a waste of your time.


Tribalwars is the winner of the MMO's tested from may 2008 till january 2009 - with a rocketing 75% score!!!  As to the paying; the only thing you get for your moneys is a better interface - which I gladly payed after playing the game a couple of months. The graphics are'nt the best - but except for the incredibly stupidlooking hillbilly paladin the graphics acctually are close to perfect for their level of detail and style. 


I strive to jugde graphics by what the artist had to work with. You can make insanely cool stuff on a C64, and I will never give a game like Oblivion a better graphic's score than Morrowind just because Oblivion has a better engine and higher detail. (Morrowind in fact have, by these standards way fucking better graphics than Oblivion...) 


The only downside to tribalwars is that it is utterly time-consuming - and impossible to win without beeing with a strong guild. For guildlovers or students of political philosophy, strategems and tactics: that, ofcourse, is phat. For the rest of us.. that becomes a black hole sucking the quality time out of your life if you're acctually playing to win.


(Which you always should.)


... Twinchlian ... [21:19 210109]







Loops of Zen

A meditative thinking mans puzzle-game. Mute the ambient music an check the Vietnamese chants at buddhanet: Enlightenment through gaming. Just remember to devote your merits.


Heros Arms

Did you digg Zelda? The creators of Heros Arms did dugg Zelda - as I write this there are only two worlds, but they might make more - how cool is that?!



The tower-defence genre emerged quickly as one of the more popular browsergame-genres. It has the laidbackness of solitare and the drama and tension of something resembling action! Gemcraft has it all; leveling, a hacked up story and the gems you use to arm your towers make pprreettyy colors as they blow them monsters to smithereens.

Emithriel is quite taken with the pretty colors.


Gemcraft Chapter 0

The sequel to gemcraft chapter one: a bit more advanced - not so instantly addictive but more fun in the long run - we do recomend playing chapter one first.

Emithriel is still quite taken with the pretty colors.


Mud and Blood 2

Do we ever get tired of killing germans? I guess not. A slow game with slow, but steady, progression and endless unpredictable repetition. All you ever wanted from what could turn out to be a classic browsergame.


Madness Reaction Time

Have you ever wondered... if it came down to do or die... would you be able to dodge a bullet? Would you? Would you!?


Double Edge

is a classic hack and slash browsergame with a simple retro-style and funky soundtrack. I needed three attemts to break the game.